Patch Notes

BETA SEASON | v0.1.5 GENERAL CHANGES - Cells holders can select one of their Cells as BATTLE CELL. Battle Cells will sum it's holders wins and losses on NFT Battles. - Players now auto-lose if they are AFK for 3 turns. Failing to press "I'm ready" counts as 1 timeout. Additionally, AFK players aren't able to join the queue for the next 15 minutes. - Reduced player ready wait time from 5 minutes to 3 - Added liquidity menu item - Added Individual whitelist for partnerships - Players are now able to cancel when searching for a battle. This action requires a transaction to cancel the previous one. - Battle rewards amount switched between CELDA and DUST, rewards gets more DUST and less CELDA for playing. - Improved error handling in some cases - Minor bug fixes - UI/UX Improvements CARD CHANGES - Freeze now gains 2 Attack BEFORE freezing instead of after. - When 2 Aftershocks or Sandstorms are in play, the one with the most POWER will trigger. SKILL CHANGES - Elixir and Dagger now have 50% chance to trigger. Reduced from 100%.
BETA SEASON | v0.1.4
  • DAILY BOOSTS! Players can buy 24-hours XP, CELDA and DUST boosts.
  • Added emojis to the in-game chat.
  • Clicking on a player on the Ranking or Last Battles page now shows a basic user profile. will be completed with more stuff in the future.
  • Card craft limit per NFT increased from 3 to 5
  • New contracts! Battles and Rewards contracts updated to a new version. It should be seamless to players besides having to approve again when leveling up Skills.
  • Revamped UI/UX. New main page and sidebar.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the game to start correctly.
  • Minor changes on cards text descriptions
  • minor bug fixes
  • Firewall now gives +2 Attack and +2 Power instead of just Attack.
  • Breeze healing formula changed! From: POWER * Nº of opponent cards in play. To: POWER + POWER * Nº of opponent cards / 2.
BETA SEASON | v0.1.3
  • CARDBACKS ARE HERE! Players now are able choose which Cardback to use in Battles. New mintable Cardbacks will be unlocked at various levels. A special one will be rewarded to Beta Season players!
  • BOARD STYLES! Players are now are able to change their board look. New board styles will be unlocked at various levels.
  • Claim FREE CARDS if you hold NFTs from certain whitelisted collections! We're open to adding more collections to this list! Tell us which one you'd like to see whitelisted!
  • Craft a random card using a default image. Mostly useful for players with few or no nfts.
  • Blow now shows which card was discarded to both players.
  • Loser claim wait time reduced from 15 to 5 minutes.
  • Various UI/UX fixes.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
NFT BATTLES BETA VERSION 0.1.2 nerfs/buffs, ui improvements and bug fixes.
  • Decks are now editable. Burning a card used in a deck doesn't delete the deck anymore. Now it gets flagged as incomplete.
  • Updated Ranking Page
  • Now you can do stuff while waiting for opponents.
  • Added last 20 "global" battles in Last Battles page.
  • Check active deck has the correct number of cards before joining a battle
  • Added Version number on home screen
  • Fixed a visual bug where double freeze would remain in the screen indefinitely
  • Fixed (hopefully) a bug where card images would not load
  • Breeze REWORK: Now heals for * opponent cards in play after every attack
  • SWITCHED: Twister now has 25% craft chances and Hurricane 10%.
  • Freeze now gains 2 attack after freezing a card.
  • Snowfall now gains 2 attack for each card frozen.
  • Blow now heals for double the amount of of the discarded card.
  • Iceball now deals 50% extra damage instead of 100%
  • Burn Critical Chance reduced to 20% instead of 25%