💎Matchmaking, Rewards and Experience


To start a game, players must press the BATTLE button and place a transaction on the blockchain, this allows the players to match against others to start a game. The transaction cost is paid with MATIC. There are several ways to get MATIC on CEX's and DEX's and also can be bridged from ETHEREUM Mainnet to Polygon Mainnet. *Keep in mind that during the beta season, transactions will occur on TESTNET. Feel free to reach us on discord if you need assistance.

After confirming the transaction on the player's wallet, the platform will start the matchmaking process and the players will be redirected to the game screen.

Game Screen Overview

Battle Rewards

After the battle ends, the winner is eligible to claim the bounty, both players are rewarded for their effort based on several modifiers such as ELO (method for calculating the relative skill levels of players), skill boosts and situational boosts. A battle summary screen is displayed on both player's screens after the battle ends. The winner is in charge of the claim reward process by pressing the "Claim Rewards" button. During this period, both player's screens are locked until the winner claims the prize paying for the transaction. If the winner doesn't claim the prize after a given time, the prize will be available to be claimed by the player who loses the battle. * IMPORTANT: The matchmaking mechanism is fully on-chain, due to the nature of this process, if none of both players claim the prize, they won't be able to start a new game. A 15 minutes period has been set for the winner to claim the prize, after this period, the loser can claim the reward. A penalty applies to the winner for not claiming the reward, the player who loses the battle is rewarded with the same amount of CELDA and dust deducted to the winner.

Match History

Match history screen allows players to review the result of the last 20 battles.

Experience (XP)

Is the unit of measurement used to quantify the player life experience and progression through the game. This value determines the player's level. Players can't lose experience and even if they lose a game, a small amount of XP will be rewarded.

XP gain on each battle is determined by the player's ELO (method for calculating the relative skill levels of players) Visit the XP - LVL CheatSheet HERE.

Play Streak

The play streak is designed to reward players who play at least 1 match everyday, this streak boosts the $CELDA and Dust rewards gains of every game. Formula: (base + score) * multiplier. Base = Amount of consecutive days played | Score = ELO Gained in the match | Multiplier = 3 win, 1 draw, 0.5 lose.


The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games such as chess. It is named after its creator Arpad Elo, a Hungarian-American physics professor. We use it on NFT BATTLES on the matchmaking, rewards and more.

Battle Count Limit

A limit of 20 battles has been established. After reaching the limit, players will stop receiving token rewards unless they have a Daily Boost active for the specified token. XP and Rank are unaffected by this limit.

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