📋Card Management

To craft cards and decks, the players must first mint cards. Cards are minted using $CELDA or Dust. At first cards will be blank (won't show any image on secondary markets) until the player selects any NFT of their portfolio, make sure to refresh the OpenSea's metadata to display your recently created card.

Applying filters makes easier to create decks, burn and review cards.


  • Burn: Obtain 50 Dust (subject to change based on players feedback during beta phase) by burning a Cards.

  • Create Deck: Allows the player to select a set of 15 cards from their list to create a deck that will be displayed on the deck list.


Manage decks list and set an active deck to be used during games.


Minted cards are displayed on the craft section, selecting one allows the player to link an existing NFT from their portfolio to the card.

Card Crafting Criteria

Card classes are determined by the last digit of the contract of the NFTs that the players are using to craft. To reward CELLS holders, crafted cards Spells using CELLS NFT are random, this means that the card spell type could be Earth, Fire, Ice or Air.

A max amount of 3 cards are allowed to be crafted with the same NFT, players can burn any card to be able to use the same NFT to create more cards. This limit not apply to CELLS.

Special Card Borders

There's a 10% chance of getting a card with one of this special borders.


Cardbacks are in-game assets that can be obtained in several ways. Owned Cardbacks can be selected to be displayed during gameplay.

Card Examples

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