🔥Card Spells and Stats


ATTACK: The base damage a card could do. Every turn, cards will auto attack the enemy dealing damage. Damage dealt by card attacks is also called 'attack damage' HEALTH: The base amount of damage a card could take. This value is reduced by 1 every turn. When a card reach health 0 it will be removed from the board. POWER: Used as modifier to boost card spells.


There are 4 types of Card Spells. Damage dealt by card spells is also called 'spell damage'

FIRE | Aggressive - Incinerate: 60% Critical Chance. - Bonfire: 25% Critical Chance. Critical does 100% Damage. - Firewall: +2 ATTACK and +2 POWER to all your cards in play. - Flame: +25% Critical Chance to all your cards in play. - Burn: 25% Critical Chance. Critical strikes also deal 1 damage to all opponent's cards in play. ICE | Tactical - Iceball: Doesn't attack. Instead shoots an Iceball that does <power> damage. If you have 2+ non-Iceball cards in play, it does +50% damage. - Avalanche: Shoots an Avalanche that does <Power> damage +20% for each opponent's card in play. - Freeze: Attacking also freezes a RANDOM opponent card for 1 turn. Gains 2 attack after freezing. - Iceblast: Steals up to <Power> Attack from a random opponent's Card in play. - Snowfall: <power>*10% chance to Freeze each opponent card for 1 turn. Gains 2 attack for each frozen card. EARTH | Defensive - Earthquake: -1 Health to all opponent cards in play. - Rupture: <power> Health to a RANDOM card in your hand. - Sandstorm: Cards played while this is on play gain +<power> Attack. (Doesn't stack) - Aftershock: Opponent cards played while this is on play lose <Power> Attack. (Doesn't stack) - Dust: While this is on play, your cards are immune to debuffs. WIND | Utility - Twister: -<power> ATTACK and -<power> POWER to all opponent cards in play. - Monsoon: +1 Health to all your cards in play. - Hurricane: +1 Health to all cards in your hand. - Breeze: Attacking also heals you <power> + 50% extra for each opponent's cards in play. - Blow: Discard a RANDOM card from your opponent's hand and heal for twice it's <power>.

Cards Crafting Chances


Incinerate, Bonfire, Flame

75% (25% each)





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