📄Game Summary

Main Screen

This is where the journey begins. Use Metamask wallet (or similar) on a web browser (chrome, brave or firefox recommended) to connect to the game. If you don't have the Polygon blockchain added to your wallet, the system will ask you to add it.

To interact with the game, claim rewards, start a battle, level up skills and purchase in-game assets, players will need MATIC on their wallets, which will be used to pay the transactions on the blockchain. Transactions on Polygon are very cheap.

$CELDA and Battle Dust

$CELDA was first introduced on the CELLS NFT Project (see the map). $CELDA is rewarded to CELLS holders and used for several actions within the CELLS Metaverse.

With the introduction of NFT BATTLES we take the utility of this token to the next level allowing it to be used as the main currency of the game.

Battle Dust is used exclusively in-game and can only be earned playing NFT BATTLES, this token allows the player to purchase in-game upgrades, assets and more.

Player Summary

View the overall performance, access to the player's profile image and edit player's information.


Manage all cards in one place. Craft and burn cards, create decks and select cardbacks.

Mint Cards

Mint cards using $CELDA or Dust (prices may change based on players feedback during beta phase) Each deck requires 15 cards to be created and used.

Free Starter Deck

Every player can mint a free deck of 15 cards, there's a pool of 40 pre-designed cards used to create the starter decks, this way not all the starter decks are the same. Starter Deck Cards are a bit nerfed to encourage players to craft cards.


Use $CELDA or Dust to power up battle skills and empower the player's economy PERMANENTLY. Unlock awesome power-ups as players level up and progress in the game.

Strategy: Attack, Defense and Health. Economy: Celda and Dust

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